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mayan kin: white cosmic mirror

“i endure, in order to reflect

transcending order.

i seal the matrix of endlessness

with the cosmic tone of presence.

i am guided by the power of spirit”

From a very early age my connection with Spirit was having access to and remembrance of, the dream state.  My guidance and teaching came from this realm.  Coming from a background on my mother’s side, of a psychic grandmother and mother, and on my father’s side, an herbalist grandmother. As I did not have any physical mentors, my childhood and early adulthood, was spent connecting with nature in order to make sense of my spiritual journey.  In this way, I was very aware of the elements around me and the metaphysical world.

After Motherhood, I followed and studied various esoteric paths, eventually being led to the Andean Tradition of Peru.

In 2001 guided by Spirit, I met and started my training with two Andean Masters from Peru, both here in South Africa and in Peru, South America.

I completed my apprenticeship in 2009 and was initiated as a “KURAQ AKULLEQ” or master teacher in the Sacred Andean Tradition in the lineage of Hector de Olarte Astete ~ “El Buen Maestro” of Urubamba and Oscar Tejeira Cabrejos of Cusco ~ Maestro de Maestros

This cosmology is an indigenous one, spanning 14000 years and still practised by the Q’ero Indians, who are direct descendants of the ancient INKA’S.

Through these teachings from the ancient “Wisdom Keepers of the Andes” I facilitate workshops, talks, mentoring, ceremonies, initiations and teach.  This mixing pot of Wisdom & Truth is incorporated into these teachings, together with the amazing experiences I have had staying and working with the various elders and shaman, throughout Peru.

Through continued travel to Peru, I gain deeper insight into our Essence and experience the “heart of being” through the teachings of these Andean shaman and healers. My aim is to assist one to connect with the Spirit of Mother Earth and the elements, on a deep level, practically and intuitively and use this wisdom for their own empowerment and healing.

One is introduced to the energies of Sacred Power places and this connection aligned within each person’s heart centres.  One will be transformed with a new way of being, through having had the opportunity to share in wisdom & ceremony.

Sacred Sites are Teachers and 

teach the unspoken 

resonance of “LIGHT”. 

Each Power place or Point will align 

and activate the necessary light 

quotient within you as an individual.”                

As a keen history/anthropology lover ~ my travels evolved to deepen my understanding of different indigenous cultures. The next step became facilitated sacred journeys to Peru.   On these journeys one has the opportunity of spending time in places that have profound spiritual energies, together with timeless indigenous wisdom from the local Qechua people and shamans.

My ongoing Spiritual experience and training includes:

Meditation courses~ Beginner to Advanced with Natalia Baker

Usui Reiki 1 & 2

Metaphysical Healing with Katherine Lee

Tarot with Chris Rall

Intermediate Crystal course                      }

Lightarian Attunements – Rays, Purification} with Linda Jordaan

1st Year Astrology with Rod Suskin

4 years with a Mystery School

9 years apprenticeship in the Andean Mystical Tradition – Peru/South Africa

Psychic Course with Cape Town School of Intuition

Soul Retrieval with Claire Creighton

Spirit Release Course with Sue Allan U.K.

9 Rites of the Munay Ki with Dianne Dunn – Peru

Deepening of the 9 Rites with Don Francisco – Peru

7 Nusta Karpay Rites with Emma Bischoff

In addition to the above I have given interviews to SABCTV “Free Spirit” and “Issues of Faith” on the Andean Spiritual Tradition and Ceremonies.

Given talks at the 8 O’clock Club, Tibetan Tea House, written articles for “Odyssey Magazine”

and the U.K. digital magazine “Fountain International Magazine” as well as “Body and Mind”