These rites are open to everyone ~ no pre – requisites required.

The Ancients of America prophesied a time of great transformation ~ a time that would make an extraordinary difference in the world. They foresaw a new human appearing on earth – a person of wisdom and power who lived free of fear and close to the natural world and who accepted stewardship for all creation.
These Earthkeepers of old or Luminous Ones who are now part of the great matrix of life will add their power and vision to yours.
Since these Earthkeepers come from the future as well, they can help us access who we’re becoming as humans 10,000 years from now. The memories of the past are tapped into, from a vast reservoir of knowledge that exists outside of time and become future possibilities. When we partner with the Earthkeepers of the future, we make available to ourselves knowledge that can upgrade the quality of our DNA. The future can reach backwards like a giant hand to pull you forward. You can be influenced by who you are becoming…..

Munay – Ki comes from Quechua, which means ~ unconditional love.

The Munay – Ki are the nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and self-empowerment who has accepted this responsibility. These rites are common to all shamanic traditions although expressed through different forms and styles in various cultures. These initiations originated in the Hindus Valley and was brought to the America’s by the first medicine men and women – the Earthkeeper’s of old ~ who crossed the Bering Straits from Siberia some 30,000 years ago.

The Rites of the Munay – Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field.

These energetic transmissions heal the wounds of your karmic and genetic past. They re- inform your DNA, enabling you to develop an advanced body that heals and ages differently. These rites will not disturb or disrupt you in any way, but will support you in your efforts to bring more light, protection and healing.

Munay Ki, as part of the Andean Tradition, is not an organisation: it is a tradition of ancient practices that serves people by keeping them in harmony and balance, both within themselves and with each other. These ancient practices assist us to tap into the natural laws of creation so we can flow with the currents of life without having to manage our lives on a purely physical or practical level. These rites awaken our own inner knowledge and expand our consciousness to see and know things in remarkable new ways.
This tradition works on mystical and energetic levels and the laws of living in right relation to all things.

Originally given to Alberto Villoldo of the FOUR WINDS SOCIETY, by the Q’ero elders after spending many years in training with them, to pass on to the west. As they prophesied ~ “We are to dream a new world into being” by raising our vibrations and ushering in a new consciousness for humanity to awaken for the upliftment of our planet.

As you receive the Munay – Ki, your chakras become clear and you’ll acquire what the elders call your “rainbow body” These energetic keys allow us to evolve into “HOMO LUMINOUS”.


The Nine Rites are broken into 3 categories:
1. Foundation Rites
2. Lineage Rites
3. Rites to come

The Foundation Rites are:
Healers Rite ~ karmic healing
Bands of Power ~ protection & connection
Harmony Rite ~ balance
Seers Rite ~ perceiving living energy

The Lineage Rites are:
Daykeeper’s Rite ~ Ancestors
Wisdomkeeper’s Rite ~ Mountains
Earthkeeper’s Rite ~ earth & the time to come

The Rites to come are:
Starkeeper’s Rite ~ Cosmic/stars
Creator Rite ~ Taitancha

These Rites can be received as an “intensive” in workshop format over 3 days or
Over 4 months ~ working sessions of 1 – 2 hours every fortnight ~ this format allows for the integration and attunement in a more manageable way.
It allows for proper mentoring of the student during the process, to derive the appropriate self-empowerment necessary for the soul ~

Remember these Rites are the equivalent of an Andean apprenticeship taken over many years and as such require respect and commitment.