For centuries the collective feminine has been denied, oppressed and abused.  Many women are still carrying the pain and resentment of their mother’s, grandmothers and female ancestors…. Some feel the wounds of past life or had traumatic experiences in this lifetime that blocks their joy and happiness and prevents them from connecting with their feminine power.

The time has come for every women to remember how powerful, loving, and wise she really is.

This rite is a very powerful loving energy transmission that will restore the natural balance of your creative centre.  This blessing will reconnect you with your loving female essence and give back the self-confidence and self-worth you once lost.


Shipibo shaman / Amazon


This is a tradition developed by Shipibo Medicine women of the jungles of Peru and passed to us from an unbroken lineage of Q’ero Women Shamans from Peru.

The number 13 is a special number in terms of femininity for sure: there are 13 full moons in a year & the lunar cycle is inextricably linked to the cycle of the womb. It is also the number of the Goddess.

This is an energetic transmission of Divine healing, tapping the spirit of the Earth Mother to support this truth that is so needed.  This assists with our personal, Collective consciousness, and planetary healing.

These rites are offered either in groups or individually