In Peru the mighty Condor was seen as the messenger of prayers to
“Ille Tecse Wiracocha” or the Creator God. He was the only one strong enough and powerful enough to make the journey to the Creator, being the biggest bird on the earth.

Although he was strong enough to take the prayers of humans up to the highest heights, he was also very humble, as he never looked directly at the creator, always turning his head away, as he spoke the prayers.

One day, after watching the condor many times leaving on his journeys,
the tiny little hummingbird grew despondent. He longed to visit with the Creator but was not physically able to do so. Eventually after much thinking and longing – he came up with a plan. He decided that the best way to get there, was to sneak into the feathers of the condor and hide.

The condor set off upwards, not aware that the hummingbird was hiding beneath his feathers and was also on this journey. Finally when the condor reached the creator – he humbly turned his face aside and did not
see the brave little hummingbird pop out from beneath his feathers. The little hummingbird was so excited to see the creator that he opened his
beak and sang the most beautiful song in gratitude, looking directly into the face of the creator. “Ille Tecse Wiracocha” was amazed at this beautiful song but also at the hummingbird’s courage to embark on this journey to see the Creator himself.
Realising his pure intention, the hummingbird was blessed by the Creator
with his rainbow colours, and that is how the hummingbird received his luminous rainbow feathers.
One’s pureness of heart makes possible the impossible.