The most widely used Sacred ceremony done by shaman of the Andes, in the Quechua speaking Andes mountains ( Peru & Equador).


A Despacho is the practice of making offerings of gratitude and blessings to the mountains

(Apu’s) Mother Earth ( Pachamama), Ille Tecsi Wiracocha( Great Spirit) and other spirits of nature, in reciprocity.

This offering is symbolic of the connections we share with all beings, elements  and sacred places.


At a deep level this is an opportunity to enter into unity with all things and harmonise ourselves with the living energies of the Universe.  It also brings participants into alignment with their own intent, group intent and community intent.  This in turn strengthens each one’s luminous fibres (energy) that connects us to all.

These ceremonies are created with specific intentions of either healing, bringing balance and harmony, honouring new beginnings, or releasing illness, celebrations,

planting, reaping, etcetera.  With this in mind, whatever the reason being, will dictate what contents will be used in the Despacho and how it is made up.

A traditional Despacho is created by priests/shaman who work in alignment though their spiritual power.  To start- the 7 directions are called and blessed.   An Andean cloth called a manta is placed on the ground and this becomes the altar.  A piece of white paper, folded a specific way is then laid out on this, to hold the various elements that will be blessed and placed on it.  Many Coca leaves are used in this mandala, as they are the most sacred elements in nature, to connect the prayers to Great Spirit.  All aspects of our being will be represented in the mandala ~ including the 3 worlds:  the Lower world of our unconscious or unmanifest being : the Middle world in which we reside: the Upper world of the Spiritual and Cosmic realms.  This is how we bridge the ordinary with the non –ordinary realms.

This ceremony is offered to community at Full Moon/Equinox/Solstice  as well as for private ceremonies to bless one’s home space or land.